Card Manager helps you control your debit cards through your mobile device, making it easy to manage your finances on the go. It’s convenient, safe, and free!

Establish transaction controls for dollar amount limits, merchant categories, and geographic locations.
Stay informed of potential fraud. Set and receive alerts for attempted and declined transactions, when your card is used, or when transactions exceed set controls.
Set travel notifications before you head out of town without having to alert the bank, so your debit card works wherever you go.


Getting Started

Getting started with Card Manager is easy!

Once you are signed into your Mobile Banking account, use the slide out menu located on the top left to access the menu.

  1. Click on Card Manager
  2. Click on the button to download the app from The App Store® or get it on Google Play™

Once you have installed the Card Manager app, you will need to add your Abington Bank debit card to the app. To add your debit card:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Card Manager app once it is already downloaded on my mobile device?

You can access Card Manager from within the Abington Bank Mobile Banking app or right from your mobile device.

To access Card Manager from within your Abington Bank Mobile Banking app:

Once you are signed into your Mobile Banking account, use the slide out menu located on the top left to access the menu.

  1. Click on Card Manager
  2. Click the button to launch the Card Manager app

How do I set card limits?

With the Cards Menu, select “Set Card Limits.” If a limit is already set, it will display here. Otherwise, you can click to set your limit.

How do I set transaction account limits?

After reaching Card Limits screen, you can select Transaction Amount Limit. Toggle “on” to edit the transaction amount limit.

How do I set location limits?

After reaching the Card Limits screen, you can select Location Limit to control where a card is used by either choosing to block international transactions or specifying a location radius where transactions are allowed. Location limits apply only to in-store transactions. E-commerce transactions will not be declined even when a location limit is activated. To set a radius location limit, simply enter an address and choose the radius size around the address. In-store transactions attempted outside the set radius will be declined. Location limits can be disabled or changed at any time.

How do I set merchant limits?

After reaching the Card Limits screen, you can select Merchant Limit. Toggle “On” to edit the merchant limit. You can choose to allow certain cards to be used only for specific types of merchants. For example, a card could be designated for use only at gas stations – and all other merchant types could be blocked for that specific card. These limits apply to online ecommerce transactions as well as in-store transactions.

Can I use Card Manager for my business account?

Yes! You can use transaction controls for merchant codes, locations, transaction types, and thresholds to ensure employee spending adheres to company policies. For example, you can set controls to allow a card to be used to pick up office supplies, but not for personal purchases.

Don’t have our Card Manager app?
Download it for free:

Certain functionality within the app and the Services may not be available for all transactions. Controls and alerts based on the location of the mobile device where the app is installed or the location of the merchant where the card is being attempted for use may not apply appropriately to card-not-present transactions or transactions where the location of actual location of the merchant differs from the merchants registered address. Travel Controls: Travel notifications do not override card alerts and geographical transaction controls set by you. If you’re planning to travel to regions you have restricted, you will need to modify your restrictions within the Card Manager app. Please note, your Abington Bank debit card will also not work in international areas the bank has restricted. Read our Out of Area Debit Card Advisory here. Card Manager’s restriction will not override restriction that are in place by the bank. The bank’s restrictions override the restrictions you enable within the Card Manager application. Enabling/Disabling restrictions within Card Manager does not supersede existing fraud and security checks performed by the bank. *Delayed post transactions may not trigger an alert or control until the final transaction is posted.