EDI Reporting

Reduce the time and costs associated with filing and reporting payments with the help of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) reporting, an ideal service for direct deposit of state aid payments. You will receive detailed transaction reports via email for streamlined record-keeping purposes.

Online Wire Transfer

Transfer funds anywhere, quickly and easily, with this secure electronic service that enables you to initiate outgoing domestic wires to any financial institution within the U.S.

Fraud Prevention Services

Today’s technology has created many new avenues for fraud to be attempted against your accounts. Fraud is costly and time consuming. With our fraud prevention products, preventing fraud is quick and easy. bankESB has products that help protect you against both check fraud and electronics payments fraud.

Check Positive Pay***

Check Positive Pay prevents unauthorized checks from posting to your account.

  • Each time you issue a check, you transmit that information (i.e. check number, dollar amount and payee name) to the bank. We match each check presented for payment against that information. If everything matches, the checks would be paid. If a check does not match, it would reject and you would be able to decide whether to pay or return the check. Check Positive Pay is integrated with our eBusiness Solutions (Online Service) to provide single login access to positive pay protection.


ACH Positive Pay***

ACH Positive Pay prevents unauthorized ACH transactions from posting to your account.

  • This service allows debits to post to your account from companies that you have authorized. You provide us a list of the “authorized” companies. As ACH debits post to your account, we match them against your authorized list. If an ACH item does not match against this list, the item is rejected and you are notified.ACH Positive Pay is integrated with our eBusiness Solutions (Online Service) to provide single login access to positive pay protection.

ACH Services**

This full-service payment processing option offers e-commerce solutions for any size municipality. Pay your vendors electronically, deposit employees’ payroll directly into their accounts, make federal tax payments and more.

Account Reconciliation Service***

With Full Reconciliation, your company will upload a file containing check issues information and we match checks-issued with checks-paid. Monthly reports are made available to you via eBusiness Solutions, our internet banking platform. Reports include a paid and outstanding item report as well as exception reports for items like voids and deletes. The report data includes:

• Check Number
• Check amount
• Date issued
• Date paid

This information can be sorted according to your preference.

Partial Reconciliation

Unlike Full Reconciliation, Abington Bank doesn’t require a checks-issued file for partial or “paid only” reconciliation. Instead Abington Bank extracts a list of checks-paid from our commercial checking systems. This information is provided to you through eBusiness Solutions, our internet banking platform and can viewed, printed and exported. The following information is provided: checks paid; check numbers; paid dates and dollar amounts.

Remote Deposit Capture**

With this remote deposit service, you can use secure remote deposit capture technology to make unlimited deposits to your government banking account from your place of business. Reduce trips to the bank, streamline employee tasks and make more frequent deposits in order to help increase interest earnings.

eBusiness Solutions (Online Services)

Access all the tools you need to manage your municipal finances while improving efficiencies with a range of valuable benefits.

• View real-time balances and transactions
• Transfer funds between your Abington Bank accounts
• Make payments or disbursements from your Business Line of Credit
• Make Stop Payments
• Use Bill Payment with invoicing to pay bills online
• View and print Deposit and Loan Statements
• Set up multiple users and authorize employees to process transactions
• Customize account alerts and approvals via email or text
• Download account information to QuickBooks™
• Turn Debit Card on/off


• View balances and transactions
• Transfer funds between your Abington Bank accounts
• View and print eStatements and check images
• Access all capabilities via any mobile device
• Authorize other staff members to process transactions
• Get customized balance alerts
• Access Merchant Charge Card Services

Lockbox Services

We can help government entities streamline payment processing and tracking.

Wholesale Lockbox

Our lockbox product will accelerate the collection of your receivables and save you valuable clerical time. You receive fast and accurate credit to your account. Our service includes image capture that utilizes state-of-the-art hardware and software to capture the image of the check and the invoice. These items are available for you to view the same day they are processed.

Retail Lockbox (OCR)

Retail lockbox service uses optical character recognition (OCR) to collect payments and capture the remittance data. We provide you with an electronic output of your remittance data and special reports that will automate the posting to your accounts receivable system.

*Cash Management products are available to municipalities and fees may apply.
**ACH Services and Remote Deposit Capture require review and approval by Abington Bank. Not all customers are eligible for these services.
***Services will be available beginning November 7, 2022.