Government Premier Interest Checking

Designed to meet the everyday needs of governmental entities, this interest-bearing checking account provides an efficient way to manage municipal funds. With its competitive tiered interest rate structure, municipalities can further maximize account balances.

Government Sweep/Zero Balance Account

With this account option, collected funds are swept to/from the zero balance account into/from the Government Premier Interest Checking account daily. This process concentrates funds from several accounts into one interest-earning account and eliminates float in vendor, payroll and other checking accounts, therefore maximizing investment income.

Government Checking Account

This basic, non-interest-bearing product is available for funds that must be deposited at no interest, such as grant monies.

Government Sub Accounting Product

This unique option connects a master account with an unlimited number of sub accounts to allow for consolidated reporting. Each month, this consolidated report provides a summary of all deposits/credits, withdrawals/debits, and interest earned in each individual sub account. This product is ideal for trust funds, special revenue funds, stabilization funds, enterprise, CPA and other non-general fund monies. No minimum balance is required.

Government Money Market Account

Designed for finance officials who want to maximize investment income, this product features competitive tiered interest rates. The highest interest rate tier is reached with balances of $100,000+, making this an account that can benefit even the smallest of municipalities.

Government Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are available for a variety of terms with competitive interest rates that can benefit funds over a defined period of time. Maturities range from 3 to 24 months, with longer maturities available upon request.