We have people constantly looking out for you.

You may not know it, but you have round-the-clock protection against the increasingly savvy perpetrators of debit card fraud. That’s because the debit cards we issue are protected by Fraud Prevention Service.

Through an important partner of ours, we provide industry leading technology, tools and the expertise to manage fraud. Experienced fraud analysts work around the clock, watching for any suspicious card activity and will contact you immediately if they detect potential fraud on your card.

Trained analysts watch for suspicious transaction activity on your behalf 24/7, 365 days a year. When a transaction is not consistent with your usual patterns, you will get a call from “Fraud Prevention Services.” You will be contacted immediately by an experienced fraud analyst to verify the authenticity of your card transactions, if warranted. If the transaction is fraudulent, the representative will begin the paperwork to dispute the transaction, close the card, and continue to monitor your account, any time of the day or night, weekday or weekend!

So if you ever get a call from “Fraud Prevention Services” know that they are doing their job to prevent potential fraudulent use of your card.

Fraud is serious business, and can hit anytime. That is why we are working to detect and prevent fraud from happening to you. If you will be traveling internationally or just outside of your normal geographical area, contact us first at 877.380.BANK(2265) and we will make sure that your card is working for you while you travel.

Fraud Prevention Customer Service is available 24/7 at 844.293.6291.